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New Titles
2015 Organizers   2015 Moon Phase Calendar   Keesha and Joanie and JANE

Books and Zines
Scratching the Tiger's Belly   Swift Winds by Ron Sakolsky   EMETIC by Leslie James Pickering
At Daggers Drawn   Criminal: Short Stories by Isabelle Eberhardt   Suffled How It Gush by Shon Meckfessel
Communicating Vessels by Anthony Leskov   N'Drea: One Woman's Fight to Die Her Own Way   Progress and Nuclear Power by Fredy Perlman

Reproductive Freedom
Free to Choose   Reclaiming Our Ancient Wisdom: Herbal Abortion Procedure and Practice for Midwives and Herbalists   JANE: Documents From Chicago's Underground Abortion Service

Notepads and Cards
Bird Pads   Max Ernst Notepads and Cards   Tiger Pads

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