Reclaiming Our Ancient Wisdom

Reclaiming Our Ancient Wisdom   Reclaiming Our Ancient Wisdom
by Catherine Marie Jeunet

Reclaiming Our Ancient Wisdom is a guide for practiced herbalists and midwives to better serve the women of their communities. Examines safety issues and benefits of herbal abortion; risk and efficacy considerations; criteria and protocol; herbal abortifacients, implantation inhibitors, emmenogogues, oxytocic herbs and more.

With the right wing launching an all-out assault on women's reproductive freedom, it is imperative that we defend women's rights and preserve knowledge of natural alternatives which have been practiced for millennia.

This fourth printing of Reclaiming Our Ancient Wisdom was offset printed by Eberhardt Press in an edition of 1000. Beautifully illustrated with botanical drawings from Gerard's Herbal and other early texts. Letterpressed cover, with dustjacket.

40 pp zine
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