Suffled How It Gush

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Suffled How It Gush
A North American Anarchist in the Balkans
by Shon Meckfessel

The first edition of Shon's travelogue through the former Yugoslavia, from Albania to Zagreb.

“An idealistic and self-destructive punk is a perfect collector of the ruminatings of the denizens of the Balkans as they wrestle with the difficulties -- imposed and organic -- of polyethnicity. Meckfessel’s patient portraits, which delve deeply into the illogic of the nation-state itself, deserve wide readership.”
—Daniel Burton-Rose, author of Guerrillas In Our Midst: The Life and Times of the George Jackson Brigade and co-editor of The Celling of America: An Inside Look at the US Prison Industry

Suffled How It Gush will leave the reader with an indelible impression of the vicissitudes of daily life in the Balkans... Meckfessel's exploration of the complex dynamics of Balkan life make Suffled a captivating reading experience.”
—Darko Fazarinc, Eastern European Service Agency

“Hope symbolized in mysterious snack packages... Set against a stark backdrop of urban rubble, bullet-scored sidewalks and razorwire, where abstract notions of 'ethnic integrity,' 'nationalism,' 'liberation' and 'foreign capital' are all very real, played out in a dramatic theater of skinheads, anarchists, riot cops, border guards, and ordinary people trying to make sense of it all.”
—Justin Allen, freelance journalist

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